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Watercraft and Equipment Repair

Watercraft and Equipment Repair

At Umiak, our service does not end when you purchase your boat and walk out the door. We will continue to offer you expert advice on the maintenance of your boat, board, and gear. We've been doing boat repairs for over 30 years. Our experience can bring new life into your beloved boat or board. We have a full range of repair services and custom outfitting options.

While each repair will be unique, we will do what we can to get your gear fixed and get you back on the water as soon as possible. (for the fastest turnaround, please bring repairs during off-season April, May, September, October, November) Below is a partial list of the services and repairs:

Canoe Services:

  • Composite repairs (fiberglass/Kevlar and gel coat cracks)

  • Royalex cold crack repairs

  • Gunwale replacement

  • Seat replacement

  • Skid plate installation

  • Fishing accessory installation and customization

  • End of season storage detailing (oil gunwales, hull restoration)

Kayak Services:

  • Composite repairs (fiberglass/Kevlar and gel coat cracks)

  • Compass installation

  • Rudder installation and repair

  • Skeg replacement and repair

  • Keel Strip installation

  • Fishing accessory installation and customization

  • Resealing of Hatches or Bulkheads

  • Cockpit comfort outfitting

Standup Paddleboard Services:

  • Ding repair

  • Rail tape installation

  • Fin Box repair

  • Repaint


  • Dry Top/Suit Gasket replacement for neck, wrist, and ankles

  • We also carry “Do It Yourself” repair products and replacement parts for the brands we carry along with our expert advice

Please Email us with the following information to

  • Full Name

  • Phone Number

  • The Make and Model of boat or board

  • Serial Number

  • Full Description of what is wrong

  • Please attach pictures so we can give you an accurate estimate

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