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  • Extremely lightweight carbon fiber shaft offers a bit of flex to increase paddling comfort
  •  Adjustable Ferrule System allows elegant adjustment of feathering angle from 0° - 60° right or left in 15° increments
  •  Improved ferrule design incorporates internal printing of offset degrees and a low-profile button release that makes paddle feel like 1 piece
  •  Carbon fiber/foam core blades create a unique profile that enters and exits the water quietly while adding buoyancy for a light stroke
  •  Blade design with ribless back allows for a smoother sculling stroke; asymmetrical dihedral shape delivers a flutter-free stroke and reduces fatigue
  •  Midsize blades are designed with power and bracing in mind yet are surprisingly easy to pull through the water
  •  Remarkably light swing weight reduces overall fatigue on long paddling excursions
  •  Drip rings help keep hands and lap dry
  •  2-piece design breaks down quickly and eases transport and storage

Werner Paddles - Kallite Straight Shaft Adjustable Length