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Dynastar has done something really cool with their M Line of skis this year, and the M-Tour 99 represents the light weight backcountry version of the beefier, resort-oriented M-Pro 99. With the exact same footprint and a lighter build, the M-Tour 99 loves to be put to the test. At 99 mm underfoot in the 178 cm length, the skis have that Goldilocks blend of width and capabilities. Certainly wide enough to float in some serious snow, they're also narrow enough to maintain quickness and maneuverability no matter what the conditions or terrain may indicate. Dynastar also has built in a fair amount of tip taper in the shape to facilitate that flotation-these skis love to stay on top. The big thing, though, is the incorporation of Polyurethane (PU) into the light weight Paulownia wood core. This is light wood to begin with, and they mash it up with their PU material, which is basically the same stiffness of plastic that's found in 120-flext alpine ski boots. It's an interesting concept to put this material into skis, and it works. It gives the ski an incredibly smooth and stable feel, which for touring and backcountry skiing, is a very nice thing to have. Built with basalt to bolster the performance, these skis have a ton of versatility to them, from resort skis to backcountry-specific stuff. The Dynastar M-Tour 99 will suit a lot of adventure skier's needs.

Dynastar - M-Tour 99

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