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  • Grows with your child 190cm-210cm in 5 cm increments
  • Reduced size blades for easy use
  • Less than 2lbs!
  • Weight: 31oz (880g)
  • Blade Size: 87sq in (561sq cm)


Kids paddles aren’t shortened adult paddles anymore. We have designed a kid’s kayak paddle that will keep them with you longer on the water. The Chameleon is a kid’s kayak paddle that is designed for kids. We utilize a reduced diameter shaft that is easier to hold, and the blades have less surface area which makes them easier to pull through the water. One of the greatest features of the Chameleon is that it will grow as your child does. The Chameleon can adjust up to 20cm with the push of a button which makes it a great paddle for family sharing but also for the child hitting that growth spurt. 

Cannon Paddles - Chameleon Youth Kayak Paddle