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Dog Carting

This hands-on mushing experience is a fun and educational way to learn all about the sport of mushing! Off-season training is important for the health and happiness of our athletes and is a crucial part of preparing for the race season. Take a no snow Cart Ride to be a musher for a day and experience the thrill of a dogsled race team!
The 1-hour session includes:

  • Short informational lesson on history and sport of mushing

  • See, touch, and stand in all different types of dog sleds and carts

  • Meet, harness, and hook up your own team of sled dogs

  • 4-mile cart ride over rolling fields with Vermont's mountains in view

  • Play with our young puppies!

  • Relax by a campfire while you watch your friends or family ride across the rolling fields


Friday - Monday

9:00 AM

10:00 AM

11:00 AM

12:30 PM

1:30 PM

2:30 PM

3:30 PM

1 hour program including a 20 minute ride time


$199.00 Per Cart

Maximum capacity

 2 people.

Please allow 1.5 hr travel

time from Stowe, VT

to our offsite location.

Snow tires, 4-wheel drive,

or chains are required.


Reserve your tour online through

our calendar or call 802-253-2317

Cobble Hill Kennel,

Middlebury, Vermont

Wow! Doug and his crew of Mushers; Carson and Jules, Claire, and his team of beautifully strong and affectionate dogs, were all amazing!
All exuded warmth, passion, and professionalism, offering us a thrilling and educational dog sled experience.
A must-have! Thank you to Cobble Hill for offering our family this special memory.

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