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The finest Madras curry from India, explodes with roasted curry and a present taste of sweet coconut cream, delicately layered with toasted, shredded coconut, finished with extraordinary tenderness and unique flavor.  One of our best sellers.  If you like the tropics, this will land you right on the beach.


No additives, no msg, no nitrates, no anchovies, low sodium, low fat, low carb, high protein. You can take our jerky anywhere and it is a wonderful source for an energy boost, snack. Complements with your favorite beer. We have created over 25 original flavors.



Our award wining beef jerky starts by selecting the finest quality choice beef eye-round. Sourcing our beef is very important. We only buy from local and national butchers that raise their beef humanly. I personal inspect all facilities and check every eye-round for quality and marbling.



Our jerky is minimally processed and hand crafted to extreme specifications. Once the beef is hand cut we marinate our beef with only the best sourced ingredients. We use organic soy – Tamari, which only has 4 ingredients instead of 13 in soy. Our Worcestershire is also organic, made with only quality molasses, corse sea salt, brown sugar and vinegar. Furthermore, we source our spices from around the world. The way we marinate our award winning beef jerky begins with a no less than 24 hour marinade, thin cut beef, natural smoke, Gilroy garlic and pineapple juice.



The texture has a bit of a snap which we believe stays with the old world formulas for beef jerky. I consider our jerky to be “Cowboy” jerky, because of its look, texture, flavor, stability and aroma. We take pride in our family operation which has been producing the finest cured meats since 2012. Our facility is in the Green Mountain state of Vermont. My USDA facility allows me to ship nationally and we are proud to be considered the best Beef Jerky on the East Coast.

Vermont's Farmhouse Jerky Co. - Curry/Coconut Beef Jerky

  • 1.5 oz