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Used Rossignol: Evo XC 55 Jr Step-in, 130cm. 


Comes With Jr NNN Step-in Bindings. 


The Rossignol Evo 55 junior cross-country skis with bindings are the perfect setup for your little Nordic adventurer. Over the past few years, we've seen tremendous growth in the cross-country world, and especially when it comes to the kids. Companies have been offering shorter, lighter, and easier to use setups that are designed for the ultimate in adventure and fun. Rossignol does all of us parents a solid by pairing the skis with a pre-mounted binding so there's less to worry about. Talk about a family-friendly activity! Nordic skiing is very unheralded when it comes to winter activities, and we always wonder why it takes a back seat to alpine skiing, but I've always thought it's equally as exciting and interesting as its high-speed counterpart. When you remove the control that's found in an alpine setup, the speeds achieved on a Nordic ski feel a lot more exhilarating. With no metal edges to lean on, the skis are drifty and light. While it makes turning, at least in a conventional fashion, more difficult, the skis are lighter and easier to zoom around in the track. For the ultimate in winter family fun and exercise, Nordic skiing is the way to go, and the Rossignol Evo 55 junior cross-country skis with tour step-in bindings are the tools for the job.

Rossignol - Evo XC 55 Jr Step-in

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