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Author: Ken Whiting

Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide is the tenth of an award-winning series of books and DVDs by world-renowned kayak instructor Ken Whiting!Whether your interest in kayaking stems from the desire to get outside and exercise, spend time with your friends and family, or explore the endless waterways that surround you, this easy-to-read guide makes paddling fun and safe for both new and experienced paddlers looking to broaden their horizons.Inside this book, you'll learn how to choose the right equipment, the essential strokes, maneuvers, and paddling techniques you need to know, information on capsize recoveries, paddling on the ocean, in surf zones, on rivers, on lakes, and in moving current. Plus, learn how to get the most out of your kayak, how to stay safe on the water, paddler's first aid, and much more!Hundreds of beautiful kayaking photos and step-by-step sequences take you through strokes, movements, and techniques that will develop your skills and grow your confidence. An excellent introduction for the first-time kayaker, Recreational Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide is penned by world champion kayaker and one of Paddler magazine's "Paddlers of the Century," Ken Whiting.Learn everything you need to know to start the rewarding hobby of kayaking, from choosing a kayak and launching to running rivers and kayaking with your kids, inside Recreational Kayaking: The Ultimate Guide. One of the greatest things you'll discover about kayaking is that it really is for everyone!

Recreational Kayaking The Ultimate Guide