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Take the Mad River Explorer 16 Royalex® canoe on a family outing, a fishing trip or an overnight float. Its versatile design will help make memories for years to come.

Mad River IQ Modular Gunwale System: The benefits of the IQ are many.  All seats can be moved and positioned for optimum trim no matter the size of the paddlers.  Seats are not permanently positioned so that they can be moved for best trim as your paddling partners change, from trip to trip or even from morning to afternoon. Seats can also be positioned to best respond to the changing conditions encountered while paddling.  Position for level trim when paddling calm waters, move seats to stern to lighten bow and enhance the canoe’s performance on rivers or when paddling downwind. Move seats forward to lower the bow for upwind work; it’s all possible and easy to do with the IQ. 

Additionally, the IQ System will be complemented by a growing range of interchangeable modular accessories that can be added when needed or desired and removed when type of paddling changes. You can rig the boat for whitewater paddling one day, bring it home and set it up for a week long camping trip the next. The beauty of it all is that nothing is permanently installed, no longer do you have to haul permanent whitewater outfitting along on casual outings or annual canoe trips. Want a boat that can be paddled solo or tandem? Before IQ, the only way to go was to have three seats in the boat, adding weight and clutter.  With the IQ, you remove one seat and slide the other to center; the result is a lighter, more responsive canoe that can be retrofitted for tandem use in less than 5 minutes. 

Mad River Canoe - RX Explorer 16 IQ System

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Color: Red
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