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Many casual skiers believe that lightweight ski-touring bindings must sacrifice some performance. While we continue to debunk that myth, G3 may have just ended the discussion altogether with the ZED binding. With the proven ION as the foundation, the designers started trimming the fat to minimize mass without compromising ski or release performance.


The ZED is the first “gapless” binding in its weight class with an adjustable vertical and lateral release. No heel-gap means the release stays consistent throughout the ski flex while offering additional energy and rebound to your skis. In other words, the designers wanted it light without sacrificing safety or ski-performance. This will be the sweet spot for folks who want to travel far in the backcountry but aren’t ready to make sacrifices. To that end, G3 incorporated two heel-lifters, 30mm of boot-length adjustment, 10mm of elastic travel, and an optional brake into a clean and compact heel unit with an eye-pleasing lime-green accent.

G3 - Zed 12

$501.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price