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On the wider side of the backcountry spectrum, the Fischer S-Bound 112 Crown cross-country skis are a fantastic choice for adventure seekers who are looking to get into the woods and just keep going. These skis feature a fish scale grip with the option to upgrade to either the Fischer EZ skin or the Super skin. Neither of these skins are included, but they do make a fantastic addition to the ski in terms of adding a ton of grip and versatility to the ski. It's like a four-wheel drive with a low gear, as they'll allow you to access even deeper and steeper terrain than ever before. Even as is, though, the offtrack crown does a great job at gripping tight to the trails and allowing you the confidence and creativity to venture off the beaten path and blaze your own way to freedom and discovery. With a 78 mm waist and a 112 mm shovel, these skis will stay on top of some pretty deep snow. When the Nordic Rocker Camber profile is added to the mix, you're going to enjoy the way down as well, and that's something that not many skis can claim in the cross-country and backcountry worlds. The sidecut allows for some good turning abilities, so if you're interested in dropping a knee and getting your backcountry tele turns on, you're in for a treat with the Fischer S-Bound 112 Crown Xtralite cross-country skis.

Fischer - S Bound 112 EZ Skin

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