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Waterbury, Vermont

 The class is taught using SUPs that offer the most stability for beginning paddlers. You will learn about carrying, launching, basic strokes, balancing, and maneuvers.

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Waterbury, Vermont

The class is taught in tandem recreational canoes, which offer the stability that new paddlers need. 

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Capsizes happen - even to the best kayakers. Knowing how to get back into your boat while in deep water will give you confidence in all conditions.


The perfect beginner or refresher course for paddlers who want to experience open-water kayaking on lakes and oceans.

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Waterbury, Vermont

This is a great first step to learning about kayaking. The class is taught in recreational kayaks, which offer the stability that new paddlers need.

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Waterbury, Vermont

This class is designed to introduce you to the exciting sport of whitewater paddling. 

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Rolling is a must-have skill for those inspired to learn whitewater kayaking or offshore kayak touring.


The ACA National Paddlesports Instruction Program has been acknowledged as the premier paddlesports education program throughout the USA and in over 30 countries.

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