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Gift Cards are only redeemable for Umiak Outdoor Outfitters Program Activities, Instructional Classes, and Rentals. 

Once you have purchased a gift card you will receive an email from Umiak with the gift card information. If you would like, you can enter the recipient's name and email to send directly to them. Otherwise, we suggest printing the information, wrapping as a gift, or inserting it into a greeting card.


To redeem your gift card, make a booking at Click "apply a gift card" and enter your gift card number. or, call us at 802-253-2317.

If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for retail items, please give our retail staff a call at 802-253-2317.

Present Surprise

Gift Cards are available for purchase at any dollar amount.


Please keep in mind that tours do not include tax in the listed price. 

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