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Kayak Course

Rolling Class

Kayak Rolling

      This is a 'must have' skill for those inspired to learn whitewater kayaking or offshore kayak touring. When you capsize your boat, it is more convenient, less tiring and much safer to Eskimo roll back up than it is to swim your boat back to shore, dump it out, and then climb back in. It is also a very handy skill to know if you are planning a trip into the open water with your touring kayak when self rescue re-entry may be difficult and it might not be possible to swim your boat back to shore. We'll cover wet exits and teach the modified "C to C" roll technique, broken down into easy steps, then coordinated into a fluid roll.

Outdoor Classes
July – August
Wednesdays 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Waterbury Reservoir, Waterbury, VT

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